Extinctions Original Works

What does an amur leopard, a harlequin and a Nubian giraffe have in common? They’re all critically endangered. Researchers estimate that at current rates of extinction, half of Earth’s species will be extinct by 2050. An extinction event of this scale will impact the humanity in ways we can’t imagine.

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Paradise Lost

84” x 36”. Oil on canvas.

Amur leopard

14” x 14”. Oil on canvas. The Amur leopard of Far Eastern Russia and northeastern China is critically endangered with only about 100 left in the wild. This painting combines two side-view images of the leopard, merged together as if they were one animal. This distortion is a metaphor for how everything is NOT alright in nature.  


California condor

10” x 8”. Oil on canvas. The California condor is critically endangered and the few remaining wild birds, about 160, live in the southwestern U.S. and Mexico. This painting shows two side views of the condor, one of which is dimmed, just as the species' presence has faded. A pair of condor eyes, distorted to look straight ahead, stare accusingly at us.



10” x 8”. Oil on canvas. The saola was discovered by Western scientists in the mountains of Vietnam and Laos the 1990s. Unfortunately, it was already in danger of extinction. Somewhere between 70 and 750 are left in the wild.


Javan rhinoceros

30” x 20”. Oil on canvas. About 60 Javan rhinoceroses are left in the wild on the island of Java in Indonesia. This painting blends a male and female together in such a way that their eyes are looking straight at us.


Northern white-cheeked gibbon

10” x 8”. Oil on canvas. The Northern White-cheeked gibbon lives in Vietnam. Its numbers have dwindled such that only about 450 are left in the wild.


North Atlantic right whale

74” x 74”. Oil on canvas. The North Atlantic Right Whale is critically endangered with only about 350 left. This image combines three whales in various stages of fading away.




6” x 6”. Oil on canvas. The vaquita is on the brink of extinction. Only about 10 are left in the Gulf of California. This image combines three different animals in a semi-abstract composition.