Getting to Mars

This painting, “On to Mars”, is a celebration of ongoing efforts to take humans to Mars. I am posting it here today, November 18, 2023 because I just saw SpaceX’s launch of the starship and was excited and inspired by the sight, as I am sure many millions of others are.

I just finished this piece which took me one-and-a-half years to complete. It represents the SpaceX Starship Falcon 9 over Mars. Like my other paintings in the “Victory of Science” series, it is both conceptual and real. In the lower-left corner, I even played around a little with the idea of “regreening” Mars.

I love our planet and am a firm believer in the idea that we can meet the challenges of protecting it more quickly through advances in science and technology than by stopping progress. So, by painting “On to Mars” as part of my “Victory of Science” series, I am adding my voice in support of efforts to expand human horizons. Let’s go! On to Mars!

If anyone would like to purchase the original or prints of this work, that can be done through this website.


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