Getting to Mars

This painting, On to Mars, celebrates ongoing efforts to take humans to Mars. On November 18, 2023, SpaceX launched its starship—the same design that will likely take the first humans to Mars. My painting concept was inspired by that humongous rocket! It is so cool to see the ongoing progress in aerospace technology and the interest in space exploration.

This piece took me one and a half years to complete. It shows the SpaceX Starship Falcon 9 over Mars. Like other paintings in my “Victory of Science” series, it is conceptual and realistic. It mainly plays with the shininess of the stainless steel rocket and the reflections it generates. I played with “regreening” Mars by adding lakes to the surface and showing a pink atmosphere below, changing to a blue one above.

I love our planet and firmly believe we can meet the challenges of protecting it more quickly through advances in science and technology than by stopping progress. Space exploration offers the additional benefits of providing new access to resources and more places for humans to live. This is a long-range perspective, of course, but if we want humans to be around for a long time, these are the things we need to do now. By painting On to Mars as part of my Victory of Science series, I am adding my voice to support efforts to expand human horizons. Let’s go! On to Mars!

I am hoping Elon buys this painting, of course. But if anyone wants to snag it before he does, this link will take you to the Victory of Science gallery!