Art for Our Sake NFTs for Conservation

The Art for Our Sake NFT Collection is getting underway! What is it? It is a group of artists who want their art to be part of a force for global change. And we are using a new tool to do this—NFTs. 

For those of you new to cryptocurrencies and NFTs, NFTs are “non-fungible tokens.” What is important about that for artists is that a digital image can be marked as “the original” digital image. Once it is marked as such, it cannot be changed. That is the “non-fungible” part. This increases the  value of digital art for collectors. If a collector buys the original NFT, no one can dispute that he or she owns the original. The Art for Our Sake NFT Collection is composed of pieces selected by artists for sale on the digital art market as originals. This is a great simplification of what an NFT is. Suffice to say NFTs provide some very interesting opportunities for artists.

The collection will appear on and will launch when the launches its new cryptocurrency, Helo, this summer. A percentage of proceeds determined by the artists will go to conservation causes of their choice.


Biophiliaii by Carel Pieter Brest van Kempen. His art will be featured in the soon-to-be-launched Art for Our Sake NFT Collection.

I chose to collaborate with PRISMnfts for a few specific reasons. PRISMnfts is a new NFT marketplace. You can check it out at In my opinion, it is better than some of the others, such as OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, and Solsea. Here are some of those reasons:

                  • They are environmentally focused

                  • They curate content that appears on their site

                  • They are artist and collector-focused

                  • They are artist-friendly in their approach to copyrights, watermarks, copying, etc.

                  • They can make exchanges in cryptocurrency or dollars

                  • They are community-focused


Right now, PRISMnfts uses Ethereum as their cryptocurrency. When they launch Helo this summer, their technology for minting NFTs will be the greenest on the market. The energy used to mint an NFT on will be similar to a single search on the internet.

I’ll be the adiministrator and curator of Art For Our Sake collection. I’ve already sent out an invitation letter to artists who I think will fit well into the collection. As time goes on, we will be promoting those artists who are in the first group to join. I’ll also be an active artist participant on the site, selling work and raising money for my favorite causes. 

If you are interested in this project and would like to be considered for the Art for Our Sake collection, please let me know. Together, I believe we can do a lot to slow practices that are contributing to the current alarming extinction rates. 


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