Art for Our Sake

Christopher P. Sloan


The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.—Leonardo da Vinci

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If you’re interested in my art, please check out the galleries on this website. Everything you see is for sale as originals or as prints.


Renaissance meets Dali

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When asked to describe my artwork I use the term conceptual realism. It is conceptual because there is always an idea behind the image. It is realism because my style tends to be more realistic than not. This approach, both conceptual and real, naturally leads to tension. That tension is what a friend once referred to as a “Renaissance meets Dali” quality.



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We’ve all heard the  expression, “art for art’s sake.” Conceived in the 19th century, this has become the prevailing view of the role of art in society. This blog challenges that idea. Artists are great communicators. Why not use our communication skills for a purpose, especially in a world that needs so much help? We should shift our focus from art for art’s sake and start creating art that serves to improve the human condition. For me, this means creating art that helps orient us—humanity—in the direction of reason and progress. It Is Time for “Art for Our Sake.”

For more on this theme, please see my blog, It Is time for Art for Our Sake, below.

Conceptual Realism


I am still learning.—Francisco Goya

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I am a big fan of Renaissance art and artists. Part of my interest comes from the way art of this period was layered with meaning, like poetry. The other part comes from my respect for the artists who were experimenting with a variety of techniques and technologies as a way to deliver their poetic messages more effectively. Like many of them, I enjoy incorporating proportion, perspectives, and layers of meaning in my art.



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Ten percent of the purchase price of gift shop times will be donated to Conservation International and the National Center for Science Education. Note that original artwork and prints may be purchased in the galleries.


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