My work in oils centers around what I would call conceptual realism. By that I mean my art contains different levels of meaning delivered through a form of visual poetry.

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Etching provides me with a great medium for a storytelling form of art. Here is where I like to explore issues of the day, sometimes through what I see around me.

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I enjoy exploring digital space with 3D modeling, 3D printing and virtual reality. There are interesting parallels between experiences in digital space and sense perception.

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This is a detail from a large painting I am working on (9' x 6') devoted to an exploration of perception and perspectives. In a way it is an homage to Renaissance painters, especially Leonardo and Raphael, who pioneered the use of alternative perspectives. This painting employs curvilinear perspective as its central compositional element.

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We've all heard the expression art for art's sake. The concept was introduced in the 19th century and, since that time, for a variety of reasons, it has become the prevailing view of what art should be.

My approach to art challenges that idea. Artists are great communicators. Why not use our communication skills for a purpose, especially in a world that needs so much help? We should shift our focus from art for art's sake and start creating art for our sake instead.

What exactly is art for our sake? It is any art that serves to improve the human condition. Art can do this in many ways and with varying effect. For me, it means creating art that helps orient us—the world— in the direction of reason and progress.

This is one of the main reasons why my art often involves science. I see science and technology as critical to humanity's future. I see art that deals with science concepts as a way of helping to defeat obstacles to progress, such as scientific illiteracy and technophobia.

I've placed one of my favorite pieces by Francisco Goya here. He was unrelenting in his efforts to discourage the tolerance of ignorance and superstition. We need more of that spirit today.

For more on this theme, please see my essay "It is time for Art for Our Sake" at https://medium.com/@chrispsloan/it-is-time-for-art-for-our-sake-b52f9dd007e3.




If you're interested in my art, please check out the gallery on this website. Everything you see is for sale as originals or as giclée prints.